Beloved in Christ,

I write as promised last month about the feast of the Holy Trinity. This festival is not about theoretical speculative theology, but of explaining the various living experiences we have of God as revealed in the Gospels. The truth is that, to be fully Christian, we need to know God in three ways. We need to know Him as above us, as the final authority over all we have and are – as having the whole world in His hands. But we also need to know Him as one of us, living life under human conditions, involved in the sin and suffering of fallen humanity – like Jesus of Nazareth. Then again, we need to know Him as our unfailing contemporary, in us, around us, beneath us and above us; a living life-giving Spirit. Not three Gods but one God – a threeness not of separate individuals but manifestations of the same one reality.

Finally, God, in His Spirit, shows us how He continues to come in bodily form to us in Christ – in Holy Communion (Corpus Christi). This food sustains and nourishes us on our journey through life until we depart from this world and are fully united with Christ. We receive it in our mouths and in our hearts and so keep undimmed the memory of our redemption. May we keep these glorious feasts with devotion, gratitude and love.

My love and prayers to and for you all,
Father Derek